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Sex and the City (2008)

145 min – Comedy | Drama | Romance –  6 June 2008 (India)


Michael Patrick King


Michael Patrick King, Candace Bushnell (book)


Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon

Turns out we are not the only movie buffs out there. Today we are featuring a review by Sanhita Sinha Chowdhury who loves to watch and write about chick flicks. She is our guest-blogger for today. hope you enjoy her post!

Plot Synopsis

“Year after year, 20-something women come to New York City in search of the two L’s: Labels and love.” That is the opening line of Sex and the City (2008), a movie which earned a record-breaking $55.7 million on its opening weekend. This one liner perfectly sums up the pre occupations of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her girlfriends Charlotte York (Kristen Davis), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), and Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall). While Carrie is forty and single and on the lookout for big love, Charlotte’s search for “The Perfect Love” ended when she tied the knot with her Jewish husband. Miranda on the contrary is a disciple of tough love and juggles her job, kid and husband. Samantha’s love is sex, lots of sex.

The movie revolves around Carrie and her “man friend” of 10 years who arbitrarily decide to tie the knot after moving in together. Carrie goes a little over board with the wedding preparations and this scares off Mr. Big, who after two failed marriages was apprehensive about the wedding from the very beginning. To add to his fears, Miranda makes a comment about how marriage ruins everything, in distress, when her unfaithful husband Steve turns up to apologize on the eve of the wedding. A perturbed Mr. Big jilts Carrie at the altar, leaving her humiliated and depressed. Carrie turns to her girlfriends who are her salvation. The four journey to Mexico and live in the hotel where Carrie was supposed to come for her honeymoon. Thus begins the Healing process which continues even as the four get back to their lives. Carries hires an assistant who also plays a crucial role in helping her to get back on her feet. A year, a confession and lots of introspection later, Mr. Big and Carrie meet at the house they had moved into and had subsequently moved out off and they realize each other’s value and decide to get married, this time, they keep things minimalistic.


Indian women today definitely do lust for the two L’s: Love and Labels. However not everyone is probably familiar with all the big brand names referred to in the movie and most cannot afford them. The four dimensions from which this movie has explored love are quite accurate and relevant. With live in relations becoming increasingly popular with young men and women, the idea of a forty year old woman living in with her boyfriend of ten years should be quite perceivable to women.

Once the wedding arrangements kick off, women might fail to identify with the movie. The way most Indians prepare for weddings is starkly different. However women would again be able to identify with the movie once Carrie gets jilted (there was a similar scene in Bachna Ae Haseeno).  The numbness, hurt and the sadness felt on account of betrayal are universal emotions.

Carrie’s assistant Louise would be a character that women in India would identify with more easily. She is an ordinary girl who aspires to look a part of the “elite” society flaunting designer bags. Unable to afford one, she rents them. When Carrie gifts her, her own new Louis Vuitton on Christmas she squeals with joy.

Though the movie has a lot to do with fashion and places most Indian women might not have been to, or the kind of money they might not have been exposed to, but the dilemmas the protagonists face, the female bonding they share, their search for true love, going out for girly brunches, undertaking retail therapy, all these are experiences which most Indian women would be able to identify with.


To say that I love dancing would be an understatement. To say that I dance well would be an overstatement. Let’s just say watching people dance simply gives me a high! Add to that a romantic angle and high stakes and I’m sold! Apart from dancers though, dance movies usually find an audience even with non-dancers. Perhaps, the reason for this is, like in any other movie, the main protagonists of dance movies have a lot at stake (getting kicked out of college, being forced to relocate) and they somehow manage to save the day. The awe-inspiring dance movements take the place of stunts. The main concept being, dance saves the day! I wonder if that would work for any other art form. Singing, maybe. Can a painting save a day? The concept of dance movies isn’t old. In fact, Dirty Dancing is my favourite dance movie.

Although the premise to dance is pretty flimsy, most of the dance sequences in this movie are breathtaking. I wish I dance like that someday! More than dancing though, I like this film for its romance. A film that I purely enjoyed the dance in was Step Up. The first one. There was so much at stake there. The main protagonist’s feeling of being different, not fitting in, merging street dance with ballet, a heady mix of emotion and dance.

The second movie was good too. A wayward child who’d rather cut school and be part of an illegal street dancing troupe, gets admission to a prestigious dance school. Her eventual ouster from the street troupe leads her to form her own street dancing troupe at the college with like-minded individuals who hate being confined to a dance form and just want to express themselves. Along the way she finds love and her reason for dancing.

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of all 3 step up movies is that they’ve got a wonderfully choreographed couple dance. I’d rate the one in the second movie to be the best. Somehow I didn’t like the concept of the third movie. Why did the central protagonist want to be a director? What an insult to dancing!

Purely for the passion of dancing and the energy, I’d say Stomp the Yard deserves a mention. As also the innovative choreography. Being a huge fan of couple dancing, I hope a movie is soon made with sexy Latin American dances. So far, its been a disappointment with Shall We Dance and Dirty Dancing 2. Is there any dance movie that I should watch?

Thoughts on dance movies please! Don’t forget to mention your fav 😀


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