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To think that this blog would be inaugurated by a post, not about mainstream cinema, but about, arguably, the most creative form of film making! That’s what I call destiny 🙂

Shamiana – the short film club was founded by Cyrus Dastur in 2009. It now holds regular screenings in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Goa, Baroda and Delhi. An amazing platform for budding filmmakers from all parts of India and even across the world, I had the great pleasure to attend its Mumbai leg, called Shamiana Shorts, in Blue Frog a few days ago.

Except for the last film which ran for 22 mins, all the other films were about 5 to 10 mins long. Therein lies the beauty of a short film. Within 3 minutes, to tell the sweet story of a pickpocket who steals a man’s wallet, but helps him find his lost daughter, is sheer creative genius. Glaani, a story of two kids who share their birthday was also extremely moving as it showed the most basic emotion of jealousy amongst children.

It was a delight to see Beaver. an animation film from an international studio. One can only hope that Indian film makers get hold of good technology soon enough to start making such cute movies here. The last short film, directed by a student of the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Academy, was about the untold story of a young man whose family’s Naxal connections ultimately get him killed. The most touching part of the story comes when, due to political pressure, the young man’s encounter is overlooked and hidden away, in lieu of negotiations with Naxals. The technical skill visible throughout the movie more than made up for its slightly longer length.

With the Shamiana Short Film Club getting recognition from the international press, it is definite that it is here to stay and provide a valuable platform for gutsy experimental film makers..

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