Let's Talk Films!


Hello film buffs!

Just like you, the 3 authors of this blog (Eric, Tapshi and Manasi) are absolutely crazy about films.. Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, feature films, art films, regional films, international films…. oh the list could just go on and on! Few others could rival our passion for cinema…

While viewing films is a pleasurable experience, at let’s talk films, we like to explore our emotions and reactions to different films. Not only do we analyze different aspects of a movie, but look at the overall impact on the viewer. Most importantly though, we hope we inspire you to share how a particular movie moved you or changed you. It’s all about the experience.

If you want us to take up a particular film, or simply share your experience about any movie, drop in a mail at letstalkfilms@gmail.com…

So all ye film buffs, let’s talk films!


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