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Good to be Bad? Not always

Posted on: February 10, 2011

The Animated movie genre has had a long illustrious history in the film industry since the first Walt Disney Animated movie came out in the 1930’s.

‘MegaMind’ is yet another animated movie that continues in the colorful legacy of this genre. With an alternate storyline to the normal superhero moves, this movie tells the story of a highly intelligent blue alien, MegaMind(voiced by Will Ferrel), the would be super villain, who tries, unsuccessfully, to take over MetroCity. Standing in his way is the heroic ‘MetroMan’(Brad Pitt), the quintessential super hero. The other noteworthy characters include, MegaMind’s love interest, Roxanne Ritchie (Tina Fey) – the news reporter; MegaMind’s trusty sidekick ‘Minion’ (David Cross) – a fish in a bowl ; and Roxanne’s video assistant Hal (Jonah Hill).

The story starts off with the origins of MegaMind (who is raised in a prison) and MetroMan (who is raised in a wealthy household), and how they landed on Earth. As destiny would have it, these 2 would become “lifelong” rivals (right from the time of ‘school’): rivals who would fight battles, with MetroMan “winning some” and Mega Mind “almost” winning others. This farcical situation continues until one day, when MegaMind as usual kidnaps Roxanne, MetroMan realizes that this charade had been getting too monotonous even for a superhero as big as himself. In the ensuing battle with MegaMind, MetroMan fakes his death – at the hands of the ubiquitous ‘death ray’. MetroCity, its inhabitants and MegaMind are left to live in the aftermath of the superhero’s alleged demise.

Finally, and for the very first time, winning the battle against MetroMan and vanquishing him, Megamind is left perplexed by suddenly having lost his raison d’etre: what will a super villain do when there is no superhero to oppose him? In his quest to regain his own form of villainous legitimacy, MegaMind goes on to ‘make’ a superhero. Unfortunately the human unwittingly chosen to be the guinea pig for this particular experiment, is Hal. The only flaw in this plan, as luck would have it, was that in having his love interest spurned by Roxanne, Hal eventually turns ‘evil’: a villain with the very apt name ‘Tighten’. In a sort of life-coming-full-circle kind of way, MegaMind is forced to become the hero who will save MetroCity from the clutches of the new villain.

The movie, interestingly, also provides some answers on the very old good vs. evil question: how big a part do ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’ play in developing an individual’s characteristics ; the nature of redemption, as even bad guys can turn good.

The movie is fun to watch, and while not evoking back breaking laughter, I would still recommend “MegaMind” to anyone who wants to indulge themselves in a visual treat- not to mention the great plot and voice over acting in the movie.

Image courtesy: http://www.onlinemovieshut.com/online-movies/watch-megamind-online


2 Responses to "Good to be Bad? Not always"

its true heroes and villains are aren’t born different..they are brought up different

The notion of ‘what qualifies as evil’ has been explored for quite some time now, starting with ‘Star Wars – Return of the Jedi’, to the more recent, ‘The Dark Knight’. In the animated film genre, ‘Despicable Me’ also walked a similar path. How does MegaMind (wrt to plot and characters) compare with Despicable Me?

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