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Posted on: February 9, 2011

If you like Pussy Cat Dolls videos, you’ll like this one 😉

OR maybe not! See there’s a reason why a video is not a movie, right?

Burlesque brings together on the big screen, two singing divas Christina Aguilera and Cher who dazzle when in their element in the movie. In this big budget musical extravaganza, Aguilera plays Ali who travels from small town Iowa to LA in search of big time stardom. She lands herself a job as a waitress in a club at Sunset Strip called Burlesque. Cher plays the club’s owner Tess who is in danger of losing the club due to mounting money problems. Enamoured by the performances that happen at the club everynight, Ali dreams to be on that stage and show the world what she’s made of. When Ali gets an unexpected chance to show her singing and dancing talent, she gets her big break to be featured in the show. Alongside a tentative romance also brews between Jack (Cam Gigandet) the club’s handsome bartender and aspiring composer.

Well that is pretty much the story; I’m going to save you the unnecessary underplots that run in the movie. The screenplay is a total cliché and predictable with absolute accuracy. But it’s a fun, well-packaged and an entertaining cliché.

Don’t go looking for an intense narrative, a never-seen-before-never-heard-before story, you will be disappointed. However, the dances and the singing do somewhere make up for that lack. They are red and gold and glamorous and bold. They left ME, a girl, wanting more. They are sexy but not raunchy, and pulled off by all the dancers with élan. The outfits are racy and bling. The songs are situational and they’ll make you feel all that they are meant to make you feel. ‘Bound to you’ is pure sensual, ‘Express’ more fiery. “Welcome to Burlesque” the perfect 1st track and “Show me how you Burlesque” the grand finale in gold and yellow lights.

The story had potential; just there was something off with the way it was delivered. And by that I DO NOT mean the dances and the songs. They were probably the only thing that fit. The acting, the timing, the chemistry between the characters fell short of convincing and with such a stellar ­cast, there really shouldn’t be an excuse.

Watch Burlesque for the sheer thrill of watching those dance routines. They are in-sync and performed by the dancers like they mean it. The movie is definitely not the best a musical can be, far from it infact, but for the extravaganza that the team has tried to bring together, it’s worth a watch.


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