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Posted on: February 5, 2011


Both the movie and video gaming industries provide entertainment to the masses and also double up as mediums of escapism. It was but natural that both these mammoth industries would start collaborating in projects to use each ‘others advantages’ for their own benefit. This is exactly what has happened with the release of movies based on games – Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Prince of Persia – and, similarly, game adaptations of movies – Iron Man, The Chronicles of Riddick, Transformers.

However not all is well on the adaptation front, be it games to movies or movies to games.

On the games to movies front, many a fan of the games franchises have been complaining about the reinvention – sometimes partial, other times a complete overhaul – of the game universe. And it doesn’t’t help when atrocious acting and even more unrelated plots and dialogues are added to concoct a perfect ‘failure’ of a movie. Anyone remember the BloodRayne movies? The answer should be a resounding NO. Reason being that the film industry couldn’t have possibly managed to botch up a movie any worse, even if they had tried their very best. Another ‘fine’ example would be “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li” movie, which turned out to be such a disaster of a movie that after just seeing the trailer, many people concluded that the actual film would be an ‘epic failure’. In keeping with the traditions of the game to movie adaptations genre, the movie failed both critically and at the box office.

To rub the proverbial salt into the wound, movie to game adaptations have not fared any better. All game developers wish for more money and time in trying to develop a ‘perfect’ game. Even under the most favorable conditions, developers have to work with limited resources and a limited timeframe. To make matters worse, when a movie to game adaptation is released, in an effort to maximize earnings across the consumer spectrum, the game is generally released concurrently with the movie. This results in shorter time frames for the games to be developed and the end result is mostly a game equivalent of the ‘BloodRayne’ movie – in other words just appalling.

However not all is lost, not yet anyway. Some movie to game adaptations like the The Chronicles of Riddick and the Goldeneye 007 games were rather successful. Among the game to movie adaptations, titles which have done COMPARABLY better than their counterparts are Prince of Persia and even Resident Evil (first movie only).

Iron Man – The Game

With major game franchises like Halo, Gears of War set to come to th
e silver screen in the near future, one hopes that the film industry learns its lessons and makes amends in trying to get the best out of the game to movie genre. The same goes for the video gaming industry in their ongoing attempts at repackaging movies into successful games.

What do you think is wrong with how the movie to game adaptation and game to movie adaptation genres are being developed? Which movies would you like made into games? Which games would you like made into movies?

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The game-to-movie adaptations surely deserve a mention of the Tomb Raider series where both the movie and the game benefitted from the franchise. Likewise, the Final Fantasy series too was reasonably successful. Another aspect of the game-movie industry nexus is the music score which often rivals motion picture soundtrack in terms of quality, if not the record sales. Most video game adaptations of movies are intended to ride the success of the movie. However, Lucasarts has proved this myth wrong with Jedi Knight and Star Wars Battlefront doing well in the gaming market. RTS (real time strategy) games based on the Lord of the Rings series too are well known; however some titles have failed miserably like the ones based on 300 or Alexander. Gaming industry often does not enjoy similar privileges as other forms of merchandising (Eg: Hasbro had received the alternate modes of each Transformer robot way before the film was released so that their toys could hit the market on time) and most games are launched IF the movie is a commercial success. Bollywood too needs a passing mention since there are a few noteworthy instances. A game based on the slew of Bhagat Singh movies (released in 2002) was developed and published. However, the game featured rather cheesy dialogues and poor AI and remains largely unknown.

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