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let down your hair Rapunzel

Posted on: February 3, 2011

I decided to be a little girl again as I entered to watch a fairy tale I know only too well and I came out pleasantly surprised with an i-believe-in-miracles smile pasted on my lips.

Tangled; a Walt Disney Pictures productions, is the story of our beloved Rapunzel but with a few changes here and there. So there’s a charming bandit Flynn Rider (voice of Zachary Levi) instead of the prince who rescued her, there’s a caring chameleon (Pascal) for her friend and a super-cop stallion (Maximus) who has quite a role to play in the climax and is quite the show stealer.

Rapunzel (voice of Mandy Moore) is dainty and beautiful, petite but powerful with 70ft of magical hair that glows. Locked up in a mighty tower for 18 years, her wish for her birthday is to see the golden lights that go up in sky every year (surprisingly) only on her birthday. When Flynn Rider stumbles into the tower from the chase set out to arrest him, Rapunzel strikes a deal with him and off they go on a racy escapade, the 3D adding to the thrill.

The animation highlighted every nuance…just how every strand of Rapunzel’s hair glowed golden. There were some breath-taking scenes that I’m fighting against my will not to divulge because words really wouldn’t suffice. You have to be sitting there wearing those big 3D glasses, getting amused with what you see on the screen, eyes opening wide, jaws dropping just a little, putting your hand out to touch the lantern. Oops, I think I said too much!

We all know the thing about fairy-tales, we’ve heard them, we love them and someone sitting beside you can maybe even predict what’s going to happen next…but there’s just something so pretty and wooly and satisfying about watching a fairy-tale come alive on the big screen, it heightens the experience of being transported back to childhood.

It’s not an overwhelming, message giving animated movie. It’s just a ‘princess’ story wrapped in pink and blue thoughts, and very very long gloden hair, of course. Enjoy the adventure and jig with the songs. I promise you’ll come out feeling good.


3 Responses to "let down your hair Rapunzel"

I really enjoyed Tangled like I didn’t think I was going to.
It’s so nice to see Disney going back to its traditional way of storytelling.
check out my review of Tanged when you have a moment.

its golden hair and yes i liked the movie

love da drunk dude n maximus in dis moviee ! der freakin hilarious ! 😀

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